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More climate scare

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    We have seen http://home.earthlink.net/~ponderthemaundercf/id12.html, she has decided that:

    and moreover:

    However, let's have a look at the http://www.royalsoc.ac.uk/news.asp?id=6245 [Broken].

    Like Kristen, it has also a scope of work.

    First a little vitriol also aimed at Kristen to poison the well, but at least finally finally, they promise proof or an accurately representation of the scientific evidence of climate change.

    But please go over the six arguments and help me to find that evidence.

    http://www.royalsoc.ac.uk/page.asp?id=6229 [Broken]
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    Andre, to cut to the chase, maybe we should be asking, why should
    governments want to believe in anthropogenic global warming.

    In my view it is a good blanket to cover other topics, a red flag to
    distract the bull whilst some one is nicking his fodder.
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    Ah Wolram, the why? That would be another fallacy. Science is not about the motives of somebody propagating something, but now you mention it, Richard Courtney has some ideas about it:


    By the way another icon of global warming has just been torn down:


    However this statement

    contradicts the 100 years ongoing melting and ignores the studies about the relationship between the El Nino Southern Oscilation and East African drought.


    But certainly you have to testify that you're a harmless global warmier believer despite the killing blow you just administered.
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