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Homework Help: More magnetic fields

  1. Mar 14, 2005 #1
    A 3.4g bullet moves with a speed of 160 m/s perpendicular to the Earth's magnetic field of 5x10^-5T. If the bullet possesses a net charge of 13.5 x 10^-9 C, by what distance will it be deflected from its path due to the Earth's magnetic field after it has traveled 1 km?

    I am confused. Do I use r=mv/qB? Do I need an angle? I am confused by the way this question is phrased. Plsease help!

    Thanks. :yuck:
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    i forget the exact way of doing this problem, but i remember that it involves projectile motion
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    Thanks so much for your input. I solved it, you were right. :)
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