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More Manometers

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    1) What is the pressure in a gas container that is connected to an open-end U-tube manometer if the pressure of the atmosphere is 752 torr and the level of mercury in the arm connected to the container is 8.60 cm higher than the level of mercury open to the atmosphere?

    a. 666 mm Hg
    b. 838 mm Hg
    c. 761 mm Hg
    d. 743 mm Hg

    Convert difference in Hg height's to mm, so 8.60 cm = 86.0 mm Hg?
    Now 752 torr = 752 mm Hg. Since Hg's height is higher on gas container's side, it is 752 mm Hg - 86 mm Hg = 666 mm Hg??

    2) What is the pressure (in mm Hg) of the gas inside the above apparatus (that is, the Hg height is higher than the Hg level open to the atmosphere) if the outside pressure, P_atm, is 745 mm Hg and the difference in mercury levels,delta h, is 25 mm Hg?

    a. 25 mm Hg
    b. 720 mm Hg
    c. 745 mm Hg
    d. 770 mm Hg

    745 - 25 mm Hg = 720 mm Hg???

    Thank you.
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    Seems to be correct.
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