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More MRP Misunderstandings

  1. Apr 19, 2004 #1
    Warren get a life, and grow up, I' 48 bud, been studieing these things since you were still in your diapers....way more time then you, no problem

    (and all learning is time dependant)
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  3. Apr 19, 2004 #2


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    Yet, despite your years of study, you still manage to come up with such atrocities as "electric generators create electrons." Classic.

    - Warren
  4. Apr 19, 2004 #3
    Antonio Lao, I knew about that, the question was: "Can you make a proton, experimentally? (I'll not ask it again!) (out of the needed quarks?)
  5. Apr 19, 2004 #4


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    You can smash together just about any particles with enough energy, and, at least sometimes, you'll create protons (and antiprotons).

    - Warren
  6. Apr 19, 2004 #5
    And you proved that wrong where/when?? didn't know about lead acid batteries, right Chroot?
  7. Apr 19, 2004 #6
    Ps chroot your off topic delete yourself please! or I might report you to a Mentor!
  8. Apr 19, 2004 #7


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    Are you kidding me? You still think electric generators create electrons?

    - Warren
  9. Apr 19, 2004 #8
    Mentor please delete the about very "off topic" post
  10. Apr 25, 2004 #9
    Good attempt at slandering me, chroot but I had lied, I had finished Math, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology, back in 1972, Ooooops thats before you were born!!

    Mentor delete this thread that CHROOT created, and adulterated by using posts of MRP's from several places, he's assembled it!
  11. Apr 27, 2004 #10


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    In case you weren't aware, I'm an administrator, which is a higher rank than a mentor.

    Also, in case you weren't aware, moving posts around is not the same as "adulterating" them, and neither does it in any way represent slander. Every post made here was made by you.

    - Warren
  12. Apr 28, 2004 #11
    Taken/copied from this url;

    298. (1) A defamatory libel is matter published, without lawful justification or excuse, that is likely to injure the reputation of any person by exposing him to hatred, contempt or ridicule, or that is designed to insult the person of or concerning whom it is published.

    299. A person publishes a libel when he

    (a) exhibits it in public;

    (b) causes it to be read or seen; or

    (c) shows or delivers it, or causes it to be shown or delivered, with intent that it should be read or seen by the person whom it defames or by any other person.

    300. Every one who publishes a defamatory libel that he knows is false is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years.

    303. (1) The proprietor of a newspaper shall be deemed to publish defamatory matter that is inserted and published therein, unless he proves that the defamatory matter was inserted in the newspaper without his knowledge and without negligence on his part.

    General authority to manager when negligence
    (2) Where the proprietor of a newspaper gives to a person general authority to manage or conduct the newspaper as editor or otherwise, the insertion by that person of defamatory matter in the newspaper shall, for the purposes of subsection (1), be deemed not to be negligence on the part of the proprietor unless it is proved that

    (a) he intended the general authority to include authority to insert defamatory matter in the newspaper; or

    (b) he continued to confer general authority after he knew that it had been exercised by the insertion of defamatory matter in the newspaper.

    Chnaged the page to this Url;

    28.1 Any act or omission that is contrary to any of the moral rights of the author of a work is, in the absence of consent by the author, an infringement of the moral rights.

    R.S., 1985, c. 10 (4th Supp.), s. 6.

    Nature of right of integrity
    28.2 (1) The author's right to the integrity of a work is infringed only if the work is, to the prejudice of the honour or reputation of the author,

    (a) distorted, mutilated or otherwise modified; or

    (b) used in association with a product, service, cause or institution.


    (3) For the purposes of this section,

    (a) a change in the location of a work, the physical means by which a work is exposed or the physical structure containing a work, or

    (b) steps taken in good faith to restore or preserve the work

    shall not, by that act alone, constitute a distortion, mutilation or other modification of the work.

    R.S., 1985, c. 10 (4th Supp.), s. 6.


    1) Law. Oral communication of false statements injurious to a person's reputation.
    2) A false and malicious statement or report about someone

    Actually No Chroot/Warren, you put them here, NOT ME, Mr. Robin Parsons.
  13. Apr 28, 2004 #12
    It is always the arrogantly intelligent who as so fooled by themselves as to miss completely there own ignorance, hence they learn Nothing more, and teach only there own arrogance to others.....see yourself in there Warren?
  14. Apr 28, 2004 #13
    What do we call it Warren? The neverending battle?
  15. Apr 28, 2004 #14
    :biggrin: lmao! I went to the link in that thread, and he is right. You'll find in physics that you are either right, as he was, or wrong, like everyone else in there was. Physics is not open to those kind of atrocities that were made.

    And to address what apparently is confusion as to where electrons come from in an acid battery, please go back to General Chemistry Year 2. You'll be surprised to find out the batteries do not create electrons! They merely allow for the flow of electrons via a salt bridge (if I recall), and these electrons are already present from the acid solutions and the anode and cathode you choose. They are not created, they merely move.
  16. Apr 29, 2004 #15

    Tom Mattson

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    Hey, you promised in your PM to us that you wouldn't be posting here again.

    You fibbed. :frown:

    No, Mr. Parsons, YOU posted these messages. Your IP address is all over them.

    Since you are spouting all this legal malarkey, I am going to take the liberty of locking this thread, just so you cannot delete the posts you made here. That way, we will have an electronic record of who posted what, and you won't be able to delete it.

    I hate to resort to such measures, but that's what happens when people speak so causally about litigation.
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