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More Non Calor Sed Umor

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    In several threads I have tried to discus the ice cores of Greenland and Antarctica about not being accurate paleo-termometers and those glacial interglacial spikes were hardly about big temperature changes but told much more about changes in precipitation patterns (caused by some pet idea).

    I may have shown graphs like http://home.wanadoo.nl/bijkerk/vostok-cor2.GIF [Broken] showing the extreme tight correlation between (relative) annual ice layer height and isotopes.

    Of course the thermometer is the isotope composition of the precipitation which means that you can only measure temperature when it snows (or rains), a temperature, which may be far off the real average temperature especially with changing seasonalilty of precipitation. So those big spikes in the 100,000 years that show a tight correlation with precipitation may have a different message than temperature.

    The beauty of being right is, :approve: that sooner or later some study will confirm it:

    pp 38:

    From the summary: pp 143-145

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    How do you pronounce d180 and dD? :redface:
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