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More photos (NOT Disneyland!)

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    I'll turn the Disneyland pics to Zz now!

    I spent the night at a place called Yamzi Ranch, it is a working cattle ranch. Using sound grazing methodology and with a lot of work they have also restored to nearly pristine condition a 20mi stretch of the Williamson river and wetland to create one of the best trout fishing streams in the nation.
    About a mile before our destination we passed this sign.
    http://home.comcast.net/~rossgr1/Congestion1.JPG [Broken]

    Now let me show you the full shot.

    http://home.comcast.net/~rossgr1/congestion.JPG [Broken]

    Note that I was standing in the middle of the road. This is about 35mi from a place called Chliloquin, Oregon. We passed about 3 cars in that 35mi. We figured that this sign may be meant as a hay fever warning!

    http://home.comcast.net/~rossgr1/bunkhouse.JPG [Broken]

    This is where I spent the night. The Diesel generator is shut off at about 10pm, flashlights have to do for the rest of the night. The elevation here is 4600ft (1400m) so we had a very nice session of star gazing.

    This is Crater Lake National Park, from about 20mi east
    http://home.comcast.net/~rossgr1/Craterlake.JPG [Broken]
    http://home.comcast.net/~rossgr1/CraterLake2.JPG [Broken]

    Some random shots from around the ranch
    http://home.comcast.net/~rossgr1/ranch.JPG [Broken]

    http://home.comcast.net/~rossgr1/horns.JPG [Broken]

    http://home.comcast.net/~rossgr1/wagon.JPG [Broken]

    my younger brother doing what they do here
    http://home.comcast.net/~rossgr1/fishing.JPG [Broken]

    how could I not take this pic
    http://home.comcast.net/~rossgr1/pastorial.JPG [Broken]
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    Awesome pics! The horses look so natural. And your brother looks like a true cowboy!

    Where are the cattle by the way? :tongue2:
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    There are some cows in the first of the random shots. But, as a side note, the fly fishing business has be come the larger source of income!

    Yamsi Ranch
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    Integral, is that Mt McLouglin in the background of the Crater Lake pictures? I recommend everyone see Crater Lake at least once in their life! It's truly spectacular. The highway just east of Crater Lake (#97) is gorgeous with the ancient volcanic scenery.
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    Looks like you had a great time..umm, Partner? lol

    What a wonderful place to be! The stars must of been fantastic!
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    That looks so nice Intergral!!!
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    Cute last picture ^_^
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    The truncated cone is the remains of Mt Mazama. Crater Lake lies in the caldera of that cone. The cone lies inside of the National Park. We did see Mt McLouglin on the way home. Unfortunately I did not get a picture of it.

    I am hoping to make another trip over the mountians, further north later this year, look for some more pics then.
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    A self serving bump, I haven't been slandered by Danger yet, so this thread did not get full exposure.
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    :redface: Sorry.
    I like the pictures, so I figured I'd leave you alone in this thread. If you really want me to, I'll try to think up something.
  12. Jun 3, 2005 #11
    your first photo reminded me of the sign i saw today. It said, "densely settled," and i looked around and saw some houses and lots of trees, and i was like... "what the heck does that mean??" then dan looked at me all like, der what do you think it means? and i'm like "there's lots of trees?"

    ...whatever... i didn't know they still called refered to populated areas as "settled" and this area wasn't even very bad...

    lovely photos though. reminds me of the pictures my parents have from when they lived in montana.
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