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More physics or another field

  1. Feb 26, 2016 #1
    Hey everyone..
    I'm a 17 years old foundation year student in UT Austin ( a foundation year is a year for international student to learn more english to college life). My major is physics, and so far i've read many physics books since i was a child. so now when i read some general physics books i kind of know everything in there. so i though about two thing. i rather read advanced physics which may require math that i dont know. or to spend the rest of this year before i begin my major in reading in other fields like philosophy, biology or any other thing.
    So what do you prefer guys?
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    Perhaps more importantly what do you prefer? Besides what do you mean by physics book? Do you know analytical geometry, calc, LA? If you really want to major in Physics, I'd suggest getting your mathematical ability to a very good level first (at least up to a working understanding of Calculus) and then working your way through textbooks. Pop-sci books are a good way to get motivated, but are no substitutes for actual study (i.e textbooks).
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    What kinds of physics books have you read? Textbooks or pop-sci books? There's a difference between being familiar with a concept and actually applying it to solve problems. You need to be able to do the latter before moving onto more advanced presentations.

    It wouldn't hurt to explore topics other than physics. Cultivating intellectual curiosity, I think, is more important than knowing a lot of physics at your age.
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