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More Phytoplankton

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    I've read over the links I was given so many times I'm about ready to pull my hair out...:cry:

    http://www.whoi.edu/redtide/whathabs/whathabs.html" [Broken]
    http://www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/protista/dinoflagellata.html" [Broken]
    http://www.biobay.com/" [Broken]

    Don't even ask which link(s) to use for which question because I haven't the slightest clue. I tried to do the worksheet but got quite a few wrong. I have one more chance to resubmit it so I'll post the questions I got wrong and can't figure out on my own.

    Select the TWO types of sickness you can get from phytoplankton in Florida.

    neurotoxic shellfish poisoning
    paralytic shellfish poisoning (PSP)
    pfiesteria complex

    I chose the middle two for this one. I read up on the first three sicknesses and still don't know which ones you can get from phytoplankton in Florida. This one is worth 6 points and, out of six, I got 0. I don't know if that means neither answer is right or what because, like I said, I read up on the first three and thought the middle two were right. If they're both wrong, are you telling me you cannot get those illnesses in Florida? That sounds a bit odd to me...I believe all three have had cases occur worldwide (Correct me if I'm wrong though. I'm tired so things are starting to blur in my mind.) and yet Florida is an exception?

    However, upon thinking about it...is CFP even caused by phytoplankton?:uhh:

    Which area of what state has had the most outbreaks of NSP in the last 10 years?

    San Diego, California
    Norfolk, Virginia
    Miami, Florida
    Tampa, Florida

    I chose Miami after searching all three links until I was about ready to scream.:mad: A lot of talk seems to focus around Florida so I was thinking it is Tampa but I can't find anything about Tampa or Miami let alone Norfolk or San Diego. The first link seems to talk a lot about NSP, CFP, and PSP and yet, no specific mention of any place besides "Florida".

    According to "The Harmful Algae Page", what are some reasons that HABs appear to be increasing?

    There has been a huge increase in the amount of pollution from run-off and golf courses.
    There has actually been a decrease in the amount of HABs because people are more aware of it.
    Scientists have better detection tools and improved communication.
    Increased usage of automobiles has lead to more atmospheric deposition.

    I stupidly guessed D from a lack of knowing any better because the first link seems to be all there is to use. I tried using the first page, I tried clicking Harmful Species, Adverse Impacts, Human Illness, and Pertinent Info. and yet I still can't find the answer. It's like there's too much to look through.:frown: I don't think I even used the third link and I'm not sure what I'm to use it for in the first place. He told us where to find the first two answers but the rest, nothing. How on Earth am I supposed to remember all of this if I can't even do the worksheet?:surprised
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    For your first part, did you check the link to http://www.whoi.edu/redtide/HABdistribution/HABmap.html" [Broken]that was located at the bottom of the first link you provided. You'll see that Florida has symbols for three of the diseases you listed and I'm assuming that since pfiesteria is still under investigation as a truly identifiable human toxin/disease/syndrome, the teacher was looking for the other two.

    The second question - from the above map we can rule out CA and VA as locations, that leaves Florida. Another map shows ten year frquency of NSP in the US, you should be able to get the answer http://www.whoi.edu/redtide/HABdistribution/ICESmap/USNSP94-03.jpg" [Broken].

    The last question is a bit more difficult to answer. If you scroll down a bit on the first map page you'll see a section set off by the words "Why is this?" (three paragraphs in total). Read up here on reasons for increasing algal blooms. I think we can strike B and D, they aren't mentioned at all. So that leaves us with A and C, let me know what you think from the reading. Hope this helps.
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    Ah, thanks a lot. I read over what you told me to and chose C. It was correct.:biggrin:

    23 points out of 23:wink:
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