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Homework Help: More probability

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    more probability....

    ok, so we're given a histogram showing the sum of numbers when dice is rolled certain number of times. it was seen that the higher the number of rolls, the closer the result of sum was to the theoretical prediction. so 7 is the most likely sum that would occur when u roll dice.

    Now, I have to make a quatitative measure to show what means 'close to theoretical prediction'

    Any ides what I can write for this???
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    Re: more probability....

    You could sit down and figure out how many of all of the 36 ways to throw two dice sum to 7 as opposed to all other possible outcomes.
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    Re: more probability....

    i don't think that's very quantitative....??
    i'm not sure what they're looking for here..- -
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    Re: more probability....

    If you know the theoretical prediction for how often a sum of 7 occurs, you can calculate the difference between the percentage of rolls where a 7 came up and the theoretical value - this will show how 'close' the simulation is to the target. It is standard to use the absolute value of the difference.
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