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More questions on Reflection

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    1. How does scientists know that the light from far distant heavenly bodies are actually from those, or some kind of reflection?

    2. If a red object reflects only red frequency light, why I do not see red light from that object to the surrounding?
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    1. Some cosmologists speculate that far-field galactic images are reflected by spacetime curvature to produce most of the "galaxies" apparent there.

    2. If I understand you correctly, perhaps the light it reflects is not intense enough, that it is en route to you, or that it shines upon objects that absorb, rather than reflect, red light. Otherwise, it might not have a train of photons that eventually leads back to you, the observer. You cannot observe a photon traveling perpendicular to you, i. e., that does not at sometime strike your senses directly.

    What made you think of this situation? The cosmological redshift?
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