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More signs of warming

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    Ivan Seeking

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    Ivan Seeking

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    Why are these sorts of events unprecidented in recorded history? El Nino runs what...a 14 years cycle?
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    I thought the El Nino cycles were getting shorter?
    Once every 4 years if i'm not mistaken.
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    The ENSO (El Nino/Southern oscillation) is a collective warming effect that spans the Southern Pacific from Australia to South America. The two names are what the local effects were called at the two ends of the span. Historically it had an 11 year cycle - some people compared that to the Sun's sunspot cycles of 22 years. It does seem to be shortening, and that may be one more result of global warming.
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    And there hasn't been any change in the sunspot cycles?
    Or any change in the sun's activity/output for that matter?

    I'm not a big fan of blaming all clamate changes on Co2 (and other gasses/dust) emissions.
    I find the mere blieve that humans can affect the planet that much arrogant to say the least.
    And since i haven't seen any conclusive evidence that supports the "greenhouse" theory, i remain sceptical.
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    At what point does the posted article blame all climate change on CO2 or other gases? In fact, how much time does the article even spend on greenhouse gas emissions?
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    Ok i admit, it was a bit off topic.

    I was continuing on the two line above it.
    The fact that things other than Co2 can be involved is indeed off topic, admitted again.
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    It's not off topic

    So it's okay to ponder about the preposterous propaganda.
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    Heh I missed that in the article. My bad Marijn.
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