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Homework Help: More simple chemical changes

  1. Feb 5, 2006 #1
    2. An unknown gas was burned in oxygen to produce nitrogen gas and water vapor. Was the unknown gas an element? Explain.

    6. You are given two liquids. One is a pure compound, and the other is a solution. How could you distinguish the two liquids?

    These are not found in text book. They are probably simple answers. Any ideas. Help would be appreciated.
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    I can help you in the first question.

    X + O2 --> N2 + H2O

    The elements that are in the products must be in the reagents. Therefore, X cannot be an element since you have in the products H and N. It must be a compound of nitrogen and hydrogen.

    In what concerns the second question I am not sure. If the solution is heterogeneous is simple to distinguish, but if it is not, I don't know. Sorry.
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