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More Stupid Reporters

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    To be fair, the article isn't terrible, but it does have several "duhs" in it. The headline on the main page, though, is rediculous:
    First, the obvious: fuel prices follow very regular cyclical patterns during the year. [edit: strangely, they cycle higher in the summer than the winter according to the DOE - I'll have to look into that more]. So what does that headline really mean? Well....
    In other words, the only actual news is that is being reported is that there has been an unexpected (unexpected by whom, it doesn't say) spike in prices recently, but prices are/will still be lower than last year.

    Now for some "duhs"
    Natural gas price futures for January are higher the closer to January we get? Duh. Homer Simpson held on to his pumpkin company stock too long too...
    A quick shock of cold weather causes the fuel futures prices to spike?!? You're kidding! :uhh:

    Here's a prediction, though - sorta like Homer Simpson, who didn't consider how Halloween would affect his pumkin prices until after it happened, the market got spooked by the first quick shock of cold weather and the increases will slow as reality (real weather, real supply and demand) kicks in.
    Duh. Wait, I have a prediction - it'll be colder in a month. Where's my Pulitzer?!
    That one isn't a duh, it is just a head-scratcher.

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    :rofl: You mean if someone uses heating oil, they'll have a bigger bill if they use more to heat their house?! Well, smack me with a fish, I'd have never figured that out on my own! :biggrin: (We really need a smiley that effectively conveys sarcasm.)
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    That's why I stay away from mainstream media - like CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, . . .

    And I'm leary of newspapers like usatoday, NY Times, . . . . They have a penchant of stating (and often its restating from other news sources) the exceedingly obvious. I've also noticed that some stories in NY Times recently look a lot like stories I've read on the BBC. :surprised Arrggghhh.

    There is a lot of volatility in the energy sector at the moment, especially after Katrina (Gulf supply of natural gas and oil) and since the invasion of Iraq, and the supply controls by OPEC (who want higher prices).

    Gasoline prices may spike on distribution and crude oil prices, and problems with supply and refinery issues. Many states get special formulations which require special processing - which raises the cost - and formualtions differ between summer and winter.
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