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More than one universe?

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    Hi, I don't have any degree in physics whatsoever, but my question is about a dream I had. My last thread got locked when someone got arrogant with their degree or knowhow (and the lack of mine), I'm hoping you would think "outside of the box" with this one. Don't take it as a dumb dream right off the bat, take it as a metaphorical explanation. Not to identify a meaning to my dream, but I want to know from YOU who are may be specialized in this following field:
    I often dream about space, be it me spacetruckin through the cosmos, aboard ISS or some other spacestation projection of my dreamworld. But last night I had a dream, where I was in some ethereal state observing all the things happening in our universe and it turned out us being in a vacuum, in a room where we and all other planets, stars, galaxies etc. consisted of dust particled floating around. And we humans and animas were small bacteria/parasites in a universe tha wasn't expanding but revolving. Our room was not the only one, it seemed like a big laboratory with hundreds-if not thousands rooms more or less like ours. It was also revealed to me that there was a specific numeric code for each and every particle and by changing the code, you could affect the particle's behavior, shape, quantity, consistency etc.

    So, what do you think? Is there any valid stuff present, or was it just another weird dream with no sense whatsoever? And again, I'm not looking for a "dream interpretor" as in telling me what it meant and where it would take me crap. Just did it have any kind of sense, because it felt like and still kinda does that it wasn't entirely stupid. Thanks.
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