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Homework Help: More thermodynamic questions desperate for help

  1. Oct 14, 2004 #1


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    more thermodynamic questions...desperate for help!!!

    An engine with an output of 200W has an efficiency of 30%. it runs at 10cycles/sec

    -how much work is done in each cycle?
    -how much heat is absorbed and how much is ejected in each cycle?

    an ideal monatomic gas is expanded from initial volum V1=1L, P1=2am and T1=300K to a volume V2=2L and P2=1atm. the expansion is performed along a straight line in the PV diagram. it is then re-compressed isothermally to its original value

    -find the funciton P(V)describing the expansion
    -find the function T(V) during the expansion
    -at which volume is the temperature a maximum Tmax and what is the vlume Vm @ this maximum temperature, Tmax?
    -what are these values for the final part of the expansion Vm to V2?
    -find efficiency

    a horizontal insulated cylinder contains a frictionless nonconducting piston. On each side of the piston are 54L of monatomic gas gamma=5/3 at 1am and 273K. Heat is slowly applied to the gas on left side until the pison has compressed the gas on the right side to 7.59 atm.

    -how much work is done on the gas on the right?
    -what is the temperature on the right side and what is it on the left side?

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