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Homework Help: More waves

  1. May 4, 2005 #1
    A continuous succession of sinusoidal wave pulses are produced at one end of a very long string and travels along the length of the string.

    I am given the frequency, amplitude, and wavelength.

    I know: T = 1/f & lamda = v/f & w=2f*pi=vk

    I have f, A, lamda, and T. I am also given x.

    How long does it take the wave to travel a distance of X meters along the lenght of the sting?

    How long does it take a point ont eh string to travel a distance of X meters once the wave train has reached the point and set into motion?

    Can anyone help me start this problem??
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    do i need to find the velocity function for the first question or the second question? i dont understand how they are related????
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    Chi Meson

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    another formula you should know: d=vt . Here, d is "x." You have enough to find v, so what is t?

    I am assuming that the point on the string travels a total "distance" of "X" meters (as opposed to displacement).This direction of t4ravel is up and down. Think: what is the distance that a point on a string will travel in one full oscillation?
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