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More women than men in russia ? not true for young populations ?

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    this is my question :
    people often say that there are a lot more women than men in Russia. if we look at the statistics, it is true. but now, if we look at a age pyramid, and concentrate on young populations, we see with an age pyramid, that in 2005 there is an equal male-female distribution till the age of 40.


    and now, people keep telling us that many young women in Russia do not find a man, because there are not enough men. considering this age pyramid, that cannot be true.
    or maybe does this result in an unequal male-female distribution throughout the Russian territory ? (like some places where there would be too many women like Ivanovo, and places where there would be too many men)

    it is easy to understand that there are a lot more old women than old men because of WW2 and higher life expectancy for women. But i cannot understand why more girls than boys would be born in that country compared to others, especially when its sometimes considered as "shame" if a family doesn't have at least one boy.
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    The thing is that generally, women prefer men who are a bit older than them, and men prefer younger women.

    So the under-40 set is not isolated. There are 41 year olds dating 25 year olds. There are 50 year olds dating 35 year olds.

    So a man isn't just competing against his peers, but also his elders.
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    I am moving.
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    and those men dying sooner probably started being self-destructive at a much younger age (alcohol,etc). so when a woman says she can't find a mate, she means a suitable mate.
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    Just order yourself one online
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