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More Word Problem - Please Help -

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    1. A nurse must make sure that a patient receives at least 30 units of a certain drug each day. This drug comes from red pills or yellow pills, each of which provides 3 units of the drug. The patient must have twice as many red pills as yellow pills. At least how many yellow pills will satisfy the requirement?
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    Well,can you set up the equations...?

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    Well you know a few things. You just have to put it all together.

    1) The patient must receive AT LEAST 30 units. You use the "greater than or equal" sign.

    2) Each pill provides 3 units of medicine. Thus, each type of pill is multipled by 3.

    3) You need twice as many red pills as yellow pills. How do you word that into an equation??

    Then you put it all together. Remember your basic equation is:

    #Red Pills + #Yellow Pills is greater than or equal to thirty.

    You're going to have to incorporate the 3 units of medicine per pill and the part that states there needs to be twice as many red pills as yellow pills.
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