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News Mosque promotes murder

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    One day - I'll never forget it - my former "Palestinian" student-neighbors purposely showed me a newsletter from the Islamic Center in Perrysburg that had a story from the Haddith - sayings attributed to Mohammad - that spoke of a war in the last days between Jews and Muslims, and how Jews would hide behind trees and the trees would say, "There's a Jew behind me, kill him!" except for one tree that would shelter the Jews.

    The next month the singles' club from the Worldwide Church of God went to the mosque for a dinner-tour, followed by a question and answer session with the Egyptian imam/religious leader (who has since died and was praised as one who supposedly sought peace between different religions).

    I repeated the "spiritual lesson" to the imam and asked him if the Muslims had any such saying. He replied that the Jews create such spurious sayings in order to discredit Islam and Arabs. I then shocked him, and the audience, when I asked: "If that's not a Muslim story, and is spurious and created by the Jews, then why would you, as the leader of this Islamic community permit that very story to be published in your newsletter last month?"

    He was speechless. So I know, firsthand, how many people can profess that their religion is "peaceful" to a naive Western audience and whistle a totally different tune to their own masses.

    I've also lived in predominately Arab East Jerusalem, just outside the Damascus Gate, working for my great American-Israeli Jewish manager under our millionnaire Muslim boss (who was exceptionally gracious). I know from a grassroots level what a farce the lying "peace" process is, and how such a false peace is based upon lies and delusions and is destined to crash and burn. All this is not popular to say, nevertheless it is the plain truth.

    Time will surely reveal that peace is possible between Israel and Ishmael, Christians, Jews and Muslims - as the Jerusalem-based Root & Branch Islam-Israel Fellowship (rb@rb.org.il) proves - but it must be based upon the Bible and reality, not upon lying visions of false prophets pushing an empty peace.
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    Posting a hate site with racist and homophobic undertones will not make you very welcome here.
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    An interesting juxaposition of opposites, here.
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    Hate site? Do you hate TRUTH? Racist? Try REALIST. Homophobic? I am gay. Any other MISleading charges? Don't be so rash and quick to condemn what you obviously don't know or understand.
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    I don't know what you're talking about, I can't get the page to come up. However, they are correct, this should be moved to the religion forum.
    FZ+:You obviously don't believe the Bible is from true, and I won't preach to you, but you know that some things in the Bible are true. Also, if I'm so kind as to not preach to you, why do you preach atheism to everyone here? Notice that I know you haven't advanced any particular religion, I'm basing that on the fact that you advance the lack thereof, in every post applicable that I can remember.
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    Can I suggest that religious solutions to political problems don't belong on this board?

    Jeez, I take a day off, just ONE DAY...
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    Zero, Have fun that one day!
    But religion is in many 'international' problems twisted with politics. IMO it is important to keep that discussion here. I am not sure about the result but for sure it's interesting and it might bring extra information.
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    I'm willing to see where it goes...but if all this is going to be is a 'my faith is right, therefore...' sort of thread, it doesn't need to be here. The whole 'lying visions of false prophets' thing makes me believe this is a waste of time.
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    You can suggest whatever you please. However, reality begs to differ since politics and religion are INSEPARABLE. It's an artificial division between Church and State. Everything political has religious ramifications and vice versa. Whether or not you adhere or subscribe to or believe in any religious belief is irrelevant since the MAJOR PLAYERS on the world stage do and act accordingly, right or wrong.
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    Sorry if that was misleading. I was referring to the context of the post, the idea that a war based on the irrational hatreds of two fundamentalist groups can be beatened by the enforcement of a third religious discipline that the two equally reject, and on the one sided alienation of one side. That is to me the worst case of bleeding heart conservatism, and an utter ignorance of the reality of the situation in favour of a misguided and idiotic jihad or crusade. The crisis is not a re-enactment of the bible, there is not satan to be trodden underfoot. This is the sort of BS that has dragged out the whole thing for so long.

    If they are, and they are such low, backward creatures as to base their lives on a creed of absoluteness, then there is no hope. Might as well wait for them all to die. The reality of the situation has hope, and hope demand the capability to think with their heads now and then. A progressive religion, a religion that is consistent with our ideals and values and freedoms demand separation from the state. We do not live in the middle ages.
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    It is a frightening commentary on humanity that so many choose to embrace the worst of what religion has to offer, and ignore the ideal of humanity as a result. It is unfortunate that the affairs of man must be corrupted by the feuding instincts carried by ancient superstition.
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    Greetings !

    The religion of Islam has suffered some unfortunate
    turns in the past century and historically it never
    had the chance to be very gentle as it was the religion
    of desert dwellers and nations which opposed the
    Christian Europian nations in many bloody engagements.
    Jewdaism was actually partially more like that
    over 2 phousand years ago when the kingdom
    of Israel and Jaudea existed.

    However, the issue here is religion in general - any
    religion. A religion is a problem and the enitial
    post of this thread proves it as well, both ways.

    Peace and long life.
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