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Most Beautiful Theory?

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    What's the most beautiful theory in Physics or Math you have ever read?
    For me, they are the Prime Number Theorem and the Theory of Relativity.
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    I don't know enough about any particular theory to consider one more beautiful than the next, but I've read enough about relativity, so that is my choice.
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    There is a difference between "theory" and "theorem", at least in mathematics. Also, the term "theory" seems to have quite a different meaning depending on whether you ask a physical scientist or a mathematician.
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    Evolution. I find the idea that all life on Earth is connected far more spiritual than any dogma.
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    math: limit
    physics: general relativity
    biology: evolution
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    I guess it's not a theory, but I recall that as I started learning about things in general, that the concept of closed-loop feedback just struck me as a 'beautiful' concept. I just found it fascinating that if you had reference to follow, it could be done with extreme accuracy, or new frequencies generated from a ref frequency, even with very loose tolerance parts. It's magic!
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    biology: evolution
    life is a very complex information system​
    geology: tectonics
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