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Most Humans Genetically Doomed to Failure

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    The following is from http://home.comcast.net/~neoeugenics/wsj.htm

    From Mainstream Science on Intelligence, published in The Wall Street Journal, December 13, 1994, and signed by 52 professors, all experts in intelligence and allied fields:

    Since the publication of "The Bell Curve," many commentators have offered opinions about human intelligence that misstate current scientific evidence. Some conclusions [25 listed below] dismissed in the media as discredited are actually firmly supported.

    This statement outlines conclusions regarded as mainstream among researchers on intelligence, in particular, on the nature, origins, and practical consequences of individual and group differences in intelligence. Its aim is to promote more reasoned discussion of the vexing phenomenon that the research has revealed in recent decades. The following conclusions are fully described in the major textbooks, professional journals and encyclopedias in intelligence.

    Complete article is at http://home.comcast.net/~neoeugenics/wsj.htm


    Richard D. Arvey, University of Minnesota
    Thomas J. Bouchard, Jr., University of Minnesota
    John B. Carroll, Un. Of North Caroline at Chapel Hill
    Raymond B. Cattell, University of Hawaii
    David B. Cohen, University of Texas at Austin
    Rene V. Dawis, University of Minnesota
    Douglas K. Detterman, Case Western Reserve Un.
    Marvin Dunnette, University of Minnesota
    Hand Eysenck, University of London
    Jack Feldman, Georgia Institute of Technology
    Edwin A. Fleishman, George Mason University
    Grover G. Gilmore, Case Western Reserve University
    Robert A. Gordon, Johns Hopkins University
    Linda S. Gottfredson, University of Delaware
    Robert L. Greene, Case Western Reserve University
    Richard J. Haler, University of California at Irvine
    Garrett Hardin, University of California at Berkeley
    Robert Hogan, University of Tulsa
    Joseph M. Horn, University of Texas at Austin
    Lloyd G. Humphreys, Un.of Illinois.@ Cham'-Urbana
    John E. Hunter, Michigan State University
    Seymour W. Itzkoff, Smith College
    Douglas N. Jackson, Un. Of Western Ontario
    James J. Jenkins, University of South Florida
    Arthur R. Jensen, University of California at Berkeley
    Alan S. Kaufman, University of Alabama
    Nadeen L. Kaufman, Cal. School of Psychology@S.D.
    Timothy Z. Keith, Alfred University
    Nadine Lambert, University of California at Berkeley
    John C. Loehlin, University of Texas at Austin
    David Lubinski, Iowa State University
    David T. Lykken, University of Minnesota
    Richard Lynn, University of Ulster at Coleraine
    Paul E. Meehl, University of Minnesota
    R. Travis Osborne, university of Georgia
    Robert Perloff, University of Pittsburgh
    Robert Plomin, Institute of Psychiatry, London
    Cecil R. Reynolds, Texas A&M University
    David C. Rowe, University of Arizona
    J. Phillippe Rushton, Un. Of Western Ontario
    Vincent Sarich, University of California at Berkeley
    Sandra Scarr, University of Virginia
    Frank L. Schmidt, University of Iowa
    Lyle F. Schoenfeldt, Texas A&M University
    James C. Sharf, George Washington University
    Herman Spitz, former director E.R. Johnstone Training and Research Center, Bordentown,
    Julian C. Stanley, Johns Hopkins University
    Del Thiessen, University of Texas at Austin
    Lee A. Thompson, Case Western Reserve University
    Robert M. Thorndike, Western Washington Un.
    Philip Anthony Vernon, Un. of Western Ontario
    Lee Willerman, University of Texas at Austin
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