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Most interesting things about wind tunnel testing

  1. Apr 13, 2005 #1
    hey u lil smart asses,

    I have to start a really important project in like 2 days, (extended essay for those ex ib) and i have to investigate on airfoils in a wind tunnel, basically i have a lot of choice. I thought I could design a four-digit naca airfoil (tho it seems really complicated), then measure the lift/drag... forces in the tunnel and then compare them with the ones obtained by calculations, or look at the factors of lift or even look at the effect of control surfaces on airfoils. Btw my essay needs to be about 4000 words long and about grade 11-12 level. If you any idea about what i should do and what you have done instead of me plz tell me!!! o:)

    THANK U SOOO MUCH!! :smile:
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