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Most nonsensical question?

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    I was trying to come up with a good example today of a question that would make absolutely no sense to ask. So I pose the question to you all: What is the most nonsensical/terribly illogical question you can come up with or find?

    Things Like:
    Would a black hole be crunchy if I took a bite out of it?
    Would I get better french fries If I used the square root of potato instead?
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    Who created the universe?
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    Great cartoon!

    What's the difference between an apple?

    My favorite question is Steven Wright's
    What would chairs look like if our knees bent the other way?

    But some classical nonsense ones are:
    Which is heavier, red or yellow?
    Which is happier, a fork or a spoon?
    Two people are walking to the store. Which one got there first?
    What do feet eat for breakfast?
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    I thought this would be good for some laughs :D

    "Who created the universe?" is an interesting one though (also quite funny). It's a perfectly valid question that initially makes sense, but that implies the existence of something both before the universe and outside of the universe.
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    Does God love me?

    That's a pretty silly one.
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    Try this...
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