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Most popular (best?) feynman lectures.

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    I hear a lot about "the feynman lectures", but is there any set of lectures that most people have in mind when they hear "the Feynman Lectures"? Or does that phrase really not point to a specific set of really good/popular lectures?

    I'm trying to find some to watch, but it seems like there are just so many, I was under the impression that it was like one video. Well let me know what you all think about that, or recommend me a good series or something.
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    this, right here is why I am hanging out here now. I thought they were referring to his messenger lectures. The only other lecture of his I knew about was QED. Now, thanks to that link, I just found a copy here in town, and I'm going to pick it up. I know what I'm doing over the holidays :)
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    What's sad is how excited I just got over getting these lectures. Just went to B&N and I was literally giddy. According to the lady there, it is now out of print, and I got the last copy in the area. I don't know if I believe that though, since it says "Temporarily out of stock" on amazon, and I really REALLY hope they wouldn't let these go out of print - even though I just heard about them 30 minutes ago
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