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Medical Most respected journals?

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    I apologize for this simple question, but maybe some of you dedicates medical experts can give me a quick answer to this? I think this is the right section.

    What scientific journals, among international top-3 or so would you think a researcher would rather get published in these fields?

    - (Heart)surgery

    - Anasthesia

    - Medicin (focus on the heart/blood)?

    - Neuroscience? pain/stress responses and behavioural brain neuroscience learning disorders

    The reason I ask is that I am not that familiar with these journals and I am assembling a reference list to produce an argument for the reputation of a measurement system. The question is which references from what journals of that system that would generally be considered having most status?

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    Nature and Science publish the most high profile results in these fields. For neuroscience, (my field) other very well respected journals, roughly in order from more prestige to less, are:

    Nature Neuroscience
    Journal of Neurophysiology
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