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Most suitable embeded OS?

  1. Feb 22, 2012 #1
    I wanna know what you folks think about the best OS for a specific product.

    For example, you wouldn't want no OS for your freezer since there won't be much to control and the user-machine interaction is rather simple and straight forward.

    But for set-top-box, people are expecting a web-browser (sorta), a media player etc. from it, so it's better to fix an openembeded system, ulinux or even android in.

    Also, can anyone tell me since no one seems to like window$ CE, why there are still GPS devices using it?

    Another thing, I'm totally confused with window$ 8, some say it will be the same OS running on both x86 and ARM instruction set (which I doubt if either possible or wise, some say there is going to be 2 versions, one for PC and laptop, one for handheld devices. Need some clarification here?

    And one more thing, why OS is so hot in the world of embeded developing? A lot of industrial control requires nothing more complicated than assembly codes.
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