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Most useful field of science for most people!

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    The goal of this thread is not to make a comparison of the sciences in an objective manner... since I believe this isn't possible!

    I believe that every branch of science, be it natural or social, has something different and useful to say about the real world. Also different people have different interests, and thus what is useful for one might be useless for another.

    But it seems that for *most people* certain subjects have much greater utility. For example, understanding some economics or sociology will ideally decide who you vote for or how to manage your finances. Knowing a bit of biology or human anatomy may decide whether to exercise or not, or if you should exercise, or whether to have an operation and understanding the risks of the procedure.

    On the other hand, how can knowing concepts of quantum mechanics be useful to *most people*? Or Astrophysics, how can knowing the behavior of a star light years away benefit *most people*? It seems as if there are sciences, knowledge of which by the everyday human is much more relevant for everyday life.

    Then again, if someone can understand concepts in physics, is it really difficult to pick up economics and sociology? Does that really work the other way around?

    So that's what I'd like to discuss, what do you think are the most useful fields of science for most people to know something about.
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