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Mother's day gifts?

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    Mother's day is coming up and don't know what to get as usual. I was thinking to get a set of two coffee mugs with engraved dolphins and a big MOM. Sounds kind of cheesy. So I was hoping you guys could generate some ideas.
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    If you train them right, they're thrilled to just get a phone call. :biggrin:

    It's a little hard when we don't know your mom and her tastes and preferences. But, in general, the gifts most appreciated aren't "stuff" that will just turn into cluttter, it's simpler things, like cooking her a nice dinner and doing all the clean up too, or helping with some chore that has needed doing and she can't do on her own or hasn't had time to do or maybe just keeps talking about doing and never gets around to...helping plant the summer vegetable garden, helping move all the heavy furniture and vacuuming under them, getting out the patio furniture and cleaning it and getting it ready for summer, prepping and painting that room she keeps wanting to paint, changing the oil in the car, etc. What you do may depend on your level of skill with such chores or how much time you really have to spend helping (heck, it doesn't have to all be done on one day, but it can be a promise of a few weekends in a row of help with a larger job)...and if you have a minimal budget, giving her your time is much more affordable.
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