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Motion Diagram

  1. Sep 1, 2011 #1
    In this problem I am asked, in one or two sentences, to explain what this motion diagram is and explain if its an object or a person.


    I have posted a jpg file here of the picture that I need to describe, hopefully you can open it and are able to view it.

    My idea of this picture would be a swimmer at a swim meet or something. Starts off fast and then turns back the other way starting fast then coming to a stop when he comes back to his start point. I could be confused however, I could use some guidance.

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    The object doesn't get back to where it started, so probably not a smimming race.

    From the start, the velocity increases.

    What object have you ever seen increase its speed uniformly?
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    I hope I am right or have a good idea, but for example a car would have a constant speed once it reaches its desired speed limit of course or the speed limit of the road. ?
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    What would cause the car to suddenly go the other way?
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    can you think of anything that increases its speed uniformly then suddenly stops?

    I am off to bed, but I will give you a hint.
    Grab hold of your pen, stand up, hold your hand out in front of you, then let the pen go.
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