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Homework Help: Motion; Force on a ball

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    1. A rubber ball of mass 80.0 g bounces vertically on a concrete floor. The ball strikes the floor at 10.0 m s–1 and rebounds at 8.00 m s–1.
    The time of contact between the ball and the floor during the bounce was 0.0500 s

    a) Calculate the average net force acting on the ball during its contact with the floor.

    b) Calculate the average force that the floor exerts on the ball.

    My attempt of a solution:

    a = ΔV/ΔT

    10-8 = 2
    2 / 0.050 = 40

    F = ma
    0.08 x 40
    = 3.2

    B) Well, The force that the floor would exert. I don't know where to start!
    Any advise on equations or ways to approach a problem such as this.

    Thanks, Recoil33
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    Newton had 3 laws, the third law should help you here.
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