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Motion in One Dimension tutorial

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    Author: Dr. Donald Luttermoser of East Tennessee State University

    III. Motion in One Dimension
    A. Displacement.
    1. The displacement of an object is defined as the change in its
    2. It is given by the difference between its final and initial coordinates:
    x  xf − xi = displacement. (III-1)
    3. Displacement is a vector quantity =) has direction and magnitude:
    ~x  ~xf − ~xi . (III-2)
    Example III–1. A car starts at a position 30 m from a stop
    sign and continues past the stop sign until it comes to rest 120 m
    past the sign. What is its displacement?

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    This is a nice document as i understood the circular motion,velocity and acceleration.However i want to know the a=v^2/r derivation?

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    Wow! Thanks Greg, this is exactly what is in my syllabus, but it goes a bit more in depth.
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    Hey Greg thanks for the lecture notes.
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    thanks fot you lexture
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    thanks for your lexture.
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    this is godsent, thanks
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    thank you for your lexture!
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    You have my gratitude for posting this. This is exactly what I needed help on (sophomore in Pre AP physics).
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