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Homework Help: Motion in One Dimension

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    An electron with initial velocity [itex] v_{x}_{o} = 1.0 \times 10^{4} [/itex] meters/sec enters a region where it is electrically accelerated. It emerges with a velocity [itex] v_{x} = 4.0 \times 10^{6} [/itex] meters/sec. What was its acceleration, assumed constant? The accelerated region is 1 cm. So acceleration is defined as [itex] \frac{\Delta v}{\Delta t} [/itex]. How would I use the fact that the accelerated region is 1 cm long?

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    Doc Al

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    Calculate the time it takes for the electron to traverse that distance. (Hint: What's the average velocity?)

    You can also make use of any formulas you may know describing the kinematics of uniformly accelerated motion.
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    use v^2 = u^2 + 2*a*x
    where v = final velocity
    u = initial velocity
    a = acceleration
    x = distance.
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