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Motion Mountain Textbook

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    I don't know if anyone knows about this set of online physics textbook, but I downloaded this 12MB PDF onto my computer. I tried to understand the concepts of states, objects, sequence, duration, and time that it mentioned in the very first chapter. However, when it tried to explain these important things to me, a strange software called mathematica was said to be used to create certain pictures and patterns that were supposed to help make those concepts clear. The problem is I don't have such software! I am forced to stop further reading that textbook. Anyone has any idea how to overcome this? Buy that software?
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    There is a small chance that Mathematica has a cheaper student version you could buy. Otherwise you could buy a whole bunch of physics books for the price of Mathematica!

    Another possibility is that a nearby university has Mathematica available on its machines, lets the public use them and lets the public download 12MB files from outsiders. You might also try skipping ahead a bit since sometimes the first chapter tries to attract the reader with advanced stuff that is not the focus of the book. You might acceleration, force and momentum more understandable.
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    mathematica has a free reader that you can dl to view notebooks. but if the book is in PDF format you should only need acrobat reader.

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