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Motion Mountain

  1. Jul 27, 2005 #1
    Has anyone read Motion Mountain? If so, how good is it? :smile:
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    I have and it is quite excellent, my favourite actually. Reads like Feynmann's Lectures but even better, in my opinion. He forces you to think outside the box and states things that might make certain practicing physicists uncomfortable. Because it is a bit subjective, I suggest you read this only after reading a more traditional (though not as overly stiff as the other one by Resnick et al.) introduction to physics text such as University Physics and or Fundamentals of modern physics / Robert Martin Eisberg.

    Nonetheless, the manner in which he covers and dicusses makes one to develop an appreciation of the fundementals of nature, the true nature of nature, the meaninglesness of meaning, the folley of "overattatchion" to ideas and the importance of not accepting spoonfeeding and walking off cliffs like sheep.
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