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Homework Help: Motion of a spring

  1. Nov 5, 2006 #1
    An 0.64-kg object is attached to one end of a spring, as in Fig. 10.14 and the system is set into simple harmonic motion. The displacement x of the object as a function of time is shown in the drawing above. Please take the values of A and T as: A = 0.087 m and T = 1.8 s. With the aid of this data, determine

    ive already calculated amplitude, angular frequency, spring constant.

    I cant figure out how to calculate these:

    (d) the speed of the object at t = 3.6 s

    (e) and the magnitude of the object's acceleration at t = 3.6 s

    any tips??
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    You have a function x(t) which represents displacement. Now, what do the first and second derivatives of this function with respect to time represent?
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    sorry but i'm really lost here - can you please clarify what you mean by what the first and second derivatives with respect to time means? thanks for your patience
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    I don't want to sound uncooperative, but I think you should do some google-ing at this point or consult your physics/calculus books.
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