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Motion of Dark Matter Subhalos

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    I know that within the host halo there are smaller subhalos moving around. I was swondering that is their motion just random motion or does it follow some kind of pattern, e.g. circular motion centred at the centre of the dark matter halo?

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    This is a very good question to which, IMHO, there is not yet a clear answer. Given that we don't yet know exactly what 'Dark Matter' is, or even if there really is 'Dark Matter' rather than some non-Newtonian factor, it is hard to say.

    IMHO, assuming generic 'Dark Matter', a lot depends on its sensitivity to 'density waves'. Will it be concentrated by a galaxy's spiral arms ? Will it be 'blown along' by a supernova's blast ?? Are we in a Dark Matter 'void' thanks to the 'Local Bubble' ??
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