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Motion of objects collide

  1. Jun 28, 2009 #1
    Hello all ^^

    I have two objects moving in 2d space, their positions given by:

    x1 = r1*cos(s1 * time)
    y1 = r1*sin(s1 * time)


    x2 = r2*cos(s2 * time)
    y2 = r2*sin(s2 * time)

    Essentially, I want to see if they collide or exist in the same place at any time. So I am guessing I need to solve twice for both x and y collisions.

    I did this, but am stuck isolating time (or solving the problem :P)....

    r1*cos(s1 * time) = r2*cos(s2 * time)

    I am trying to isolate the time they collide (if they do)...

    I am not too good at maths, and the answer is probably really simple, but any help is greatly appreciated! This is not homework, its for a hobby computer game I am trying to make.

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    Hello Adrian! :smile:

    These are circles, with radius r1 and r2, respectively, and both centred at the origin (0,0).

    So the objects won't collide unless r1 = r2 :wink:
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