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B Motion of Perseid in a space

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    Hello I have probably stupid question, but I can't explain it. First I thought, that they move like comet, but then I realized, that we are meeting every year in same date. On the other hand, they can't just sit in the space. The sun would attract them. So what exactly is happening? What is a motion of Perseids with respect to the sun?
    Thank you for yours respond.
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    hi there

    the dust and debris that is the Perseid ( or any other ) meteor shower is in orbit around the sun in a highly elliptical path
    This is the path that the parent comet for that shower, that produced the debris, takes around the sun
    and each time the comet does a trip around its orbit, the new material coming off the comet adds to the remaining material from previous orbits


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    Thank you very much for explaining ;)
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    hope that was enough ?
    any other Q's just ask :smile:

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    I have many questions, but this was urgent :) I tried to find out it by myself, but I failed. The others I have to try also and study after this I will ask...don't worry...I will :) Thank you again ;)
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