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Homework Help: Motion Problem

  1. Mar 23, 2008 #1
    A Runner Completed four laps of a 400m track in 6.0 minutes. Find the distance travelled and displacement of the runner.

    Ok i know that distance would be 400m * 4 laps obviously but how would you write that out? What would a formula be? (Complete guess below, obviously not right.)
    d1 = 400m
    ??? = 4 (meaning laps)
    [tex]\Delta[/tex]d = ?

    and my formula and therefore statement would follow..

    Second Question.
    Isn't finding displacement for this questions pointless because you would be in the same place you started out as? Also i don't know the equation i would use to find displacement given only speed and time.

    I am in grade 10 physics so please take it easy if you think there are obvious answers and please dont give me to complicated feedback :).
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    Distance covered in 1 lap =400m
    No. of laps run=4
    Total distance covered=(400*4)m

    I would assume that the displacement is zero because as you said, the runner finished where he started so.
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