Motion: Scalar or Vector?

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Is Motion a scalar or vector or neither?
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Motion is not something even quantifiable. You can say a system has a higher velocity, or more momentum or more kinetic energy, but not more motion.
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excuse me, what do you mean by quantifiable?
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One definition of motion I have seen is a time-dependent map from phase space to phase space. Which is quite a bit more complex than scalar vs vector.
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'quantifiable' = capable of having a number, or quantity, assigned to it.

1. Is motion considered a scalar or vector quantity?

Motion is considered a vector quantity because it has both magnitude and direction. Scalar quantities, on the other hand, only have magnitude.

2. What is the difference between scalar and vector quantities?

Scalar quantities can be described by a single number, such as mass or temperature, while vector quantities require both magnitude and direction to be fully described, like velocity or force.

3. How is the direction of motion represented in vector quantities?

The direction of motion is represented by an arrow, with the length of the arrow representing the magnitude and the direction of the arrow representing the direction of motion.

4. Can motion be both scalar and vector?

No, motion is either scalar or vector. It cannot be both at the same time. However, some quantities related to motion, such as speed, can be described as both scalar and vector.

5. How are scalar and vector quantities used in motion calculations?

Scalar quantities are used to determine the magnitude of the motion, while vector quantities are used to calculate the direction of the motion. Both types of quantities are essential in accurately describing and analyzing motion.

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