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Motional Narrowing?

  1. Aug 10, 2007 #1

    I'm hoping there are some NMR'ers around to answer this question, I Just want to understand the jist of what motional narrowing is. I'm looking to apply this to a solid state system.

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    Are you refering to Dicke narrowing? That as I understand it results from velocity-changing collisions (that don't affect the internal state of the radiator) increasing the time it takes for a radiating atom (or nucleus) to move a straight-line distance equal to the wavelength of emission. If the mean free path between such collisions is less than the wavelength, the line is said to be Dicke narrowed. I can't really understand it except through correlation functions and fourier transforms that yield spectral line profiles. Perhaps that means I don't fully understand it. :wink:
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