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Motivational help

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    I am in my last year of high school and i was doing nice all around. I have always been a hard worker, i worked hard since the day i entered school and i am kind of the best here. But in the last month or so , i lost all motivation and all will, for example i have been sitting doing nothing for about week , JUST NOTHING!(nothing here means watching useless Youtube videos and chatting) It is driving me crazy. Also now that i am not studying anymore my grades are dropping down and some guys are doing better than me . I would be pleased if anyone could find me a solution . I think the cause behind this is because i think i am better than the others so i don't push myself . I really need to lower that self-esteem .
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    You just defined your problem and the solution. You know what you need to do so do it. Yes, it's that simple :)
    Good luck!
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    i know the solution but i don't know the way for it ... It's like having an equation and it's derivative but not know how to arrive. That's why i made this threat . Anymore help would be good. Thanks.
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    You said you were hard working since your first day at school. Maybe now, in your final year, you are so stressed that you burned out and don't feel like doing anything. It's just too much for you.
    I know that it might be counter-intuitive, but if you really cannot work, give yourself a break. Just set a time when you will start working again. Or give yourself two days each week when you will do nothing, just relax. Than you will have more energy to work again. And after 5 days of work, you can reward yourself with 2 days of COMPLETE rest. It's easier to start work if you know there will be rest. If you really can't start at all, work for one day only, promising yourself rest the day after and than repeat.
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    yeah that is some good advice thank you very much hope you have a nice day :)
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    A reality check would do you a world of good, find some online IQ test, (take several) see how you do. Then push yourself to do better. NOTHING in this life worth having is easy to come by. Usually the easier path is the shortest. But then what? You end up in a dead end. To move forward you often have to back track and find a different path all together. By the time you do that you have wasted more time then you would have by choosing a harder path that doesn't end.

    Don't take the easy way, PUSH YOURSELF!
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    Oh heavens, don't waste time with those ridiculous online IQ tests!
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    Ahahhahahahaha they ask you 5 questions and then they give you your IQ if you subscribe.
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