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Motor controller acceleration parameter

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    Hey all

    I'm using a controller from MVP. The guide for the controller is located here: http://www.micromo.com/servlet/com.itmr.waw.servlet.FileViewer?sprachid=1&kid=42044&pid=531688&fid=531711&kdid=40929" [Broken]. The controller's attached to a motor with a 2000 quadrature shaft encoder. I can get positioning and velocity commands to work fine with the controller.

    However, I don't understand the acceleration values the controller takes. I'm using a step-down gear ratio of 70:1. Commands are passed to the controller over a serial interface using the following convention: DEVICENUM COMMAND SOMEUNITS. Setting up the acceleration for instance is done as follows: DEVICENUM AC 100. My problem is I don't know what the "100" is. I'm having a lot of trouble figuring it out.

    The guide says the following: "The acceleration (command AC) is the number of quadrature counts per sample period. The sample period for the MVP® is 500 us."

    I want to know how I can convert this value into degrees/sec^2. I've tried to contact the company that sells the control to no avail.
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