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Motor force

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    Hey guys,

    I have a DC motor and i want to glue to it's rotor a round plate (make a hole through it and stick the rotor in that hole :) )(consider the plate weightless) and on this plate i will glue a weight, doesn't matter what the weight is...just know that it's constant.

    My question is this: how does the surface of the plate (on which the wight stands on) be so that the motor can, more easily, turn the weight. If i use a smaller plate (2cm diameter) instead of a bigger one (7cm diameter) will this make it easier for the motor or harder? How does the surface of the plate influence the force of the motor?

    Hope i explained it right, if you don't understand something..do tell and i'll explain it again :)

    (I know it might seem like an electrical engineering problem, but i don't think it is)
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    You're right that it's a mechanical engineering problem, not an electrical engineering problem. If you're picky, you could consider it an electro-mechanical engineering problem.

    The answers you seek should all be contained here:


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