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Motor of linear aceleration by forces of spin by raaaid

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    heres a patent i got in 2002 of which first i lost property for not paying the 20euro it costed and second got retired in 2003, deciding not go on with the reclaim.

    imagine two motor cylinders that beside its normal armonic movement can spin.
    imagine the cilinders as two cigaretes you hold in each hand, lets take a look at one of the cigaretes: you hold it in the middle with two fingers pointing with the filter at 3 o clock then you make it spin untill 9 (always holding it in the middle), then from 9 to 12 at the same time you spin it you displace the spinning axe as away from the filter as posible (you spin it and push it at the same time) then from 12 to 3 recover the spinning axe to the center of the cigarete, and then so on again.

    physical explanation: imagine two persons very strong standing in a platform in empty espace. They have stones tigth to the end of ropes and start making the stones turn faster and faster compensating each other reaction, they also give rope away so the platform starts balancing back and forward, now imagine that when the stones are at 3 and 9 going to 12 the two persons recover suddenly all of the rope ending the stones above their heads being the axe of spin and the center of gravity in the same vertical.

    by the way according to mr raaid mustafa if you buid a device that can repel gravity what you are really building is a time machine.
    still strikes me the coincidence of the name and the believe that gravity is the expansion of matter

    the reason for forgetting this patent is that when i got first the property of the patent i got my first psycotic episode (unusual 28 with no family antecedents).one year later after calling the office of patents they explain me two steps to take first retiring the patent second reclaim, first step is been taken then have my second psycotic episode as i dont want a third my claim of the patent will not be taken ever more
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    Do you have the numbers of the patents? I'd be interested in reading them.
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    is a spanish patent

    NÂș U200102856 published the concession in the bopi 16-11-2002
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    the retirement of the solicitude of "modelo de utilidad" will be published in the bopi 16-11-2003
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