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Motor/pump fluid dynamics

  1. Jan 19, 2017 #1
    In an electrical high pressure water motor or pump what is the main cause of energy loss.
    Originally I was thinking along the lines of
    1st heat/electrical losses in motor.
    2nd Friction of the water in pipes.
    3rd noise.

    But I'm torn between the first 2 ? Tho
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    1. :welcome:

    How could there be a universal answer?

    1. The Motor can be over /under sized, or high /low efficiency.
    2. High or low flow rates.
    3. Long or short pipe runs.
    4. Losses measured at the pump outlet or at the pipe ends.
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    Although this question in particular is concerning a pressure washer.
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    Have you done any comparison yet of electrical input and PV output? to obtain for a quantitative value for the loss.
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    Most common pressure washers are simple positive displacement pumps with pistons, check valves used to control flow into and out of the cylinders. If that's what you're talking about then the biggest loss is usually creating the differential pressure. After that I would suspect it's losses in the drive motor. Fluid losses are probably minimal since flow rates are relatively low.
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