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Motor Selection for Designing a Box Fan

  1. May 12, 2012 #1
    I plan to design and build a box fan (I plan for it to be about 20" diameter). I'm a new ME and know very little about motors and motor control. Furthermore, I'm having a lot of trouble finding cheap, small motors for sale at a reasonable price.

    Any help would be appreciated (specific parts and a location to buy would be most helpful, but I'd also like to learn some in the process too, so explanations welcome!). I would like the fan to have a few speeds, so some sort of switch would be nice. Also, it should plug into standard US sockets (120V or whatever).Also, I'm hoping motor plus whatever control mechanism I'm using will cost ~$20 as I could buy a whole unit for around that price. I'm just doing this for a fun project in my shop at work.
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