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Motor size calculations needed

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    I am a freshman mechanical engineer and I do not believe that I have taken enough physics or statics to accomplish this task in a timely and correct manner. I am an intern at a government contracting company and am building a model of an AAV track system to test different coatings on. I need to know what size motor I will need to run this so I need to know how to do all of the calculations of torque and make sure it can run.
    The track is 140" long and will weigh around 750 lbs. It runs on a sprocket that is 24 inches in diameter and is at a 28 degree angle from the single road wheel (also 24 inches in diameter) that will be touching the belt its running on. How would i account for all of the forces ( including a lot of friction from the gravel its running on)? I am guessing that the sprocket and road wheel each weigh around 100 lbs. Sorry if this is laid out poorly. Let me know if I can clarify anything.
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