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Motor stops rotating

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    i have a motor conected to mcu via h bridge but it stops rotating after few minutes.may i know the reason for this.
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    It's because it doesn't work.
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    What are all the reasons you know of that are not causing it to stop?
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    i dont have any idea..
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    Example: Is the motor heating up?
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    We have absolutely zero knowledge of what you are doing other from what you tell us. You have told us nothing that would enable us to help you.
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    i tried to rotate the wheels of my robot but the problem is the MCU restarts again and again whenever connect motor and hbridge circuit and at last motor stop.may i know the reason for this?
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    Try using separate batteries for the MCU and the motor and also opto-couplers between the MCU's outputs and the motor.
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    share your schematic and software, maybe you are not switching the h-bridge correctly.
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    Excuse me, but this thread is reserved for clairvoyants and psychics. We don't need schematics or information about the problem.
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