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Motor winding problem please help me?

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    Motor winding problem please help me..?

    if I got a armeture of a motor without a coil and ask to wind the coil what should I know to do this
    and how to know whether,

    * it is a AC/DC motor
    * what gage of coil it should be
    * what is the ampere and voltage
    * how many turns should i wind in a one part of the armeture
    * and how should I wind it
    * how to know the power of the motor
    * how to measure the magnetic force of the permanent magnet
    * are the forces of both electric and permanent magnets same ?

    if you know anything about these please answer me....
    describe me in simple english
    if you know any link to learn them please give me them also
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    The induced voltage depends on the diameter (area) of the coil and the number of turns of the coil.
    The power is determined as well by the resistance of the coil.
    Faraday's law will give you the induced emf in the coil:

    V= (dΦ/dt)= NA(dB/dt)

    N=the number of turns in the coil
    B is the magnetic field
    ΦB is the magnetic flux in Webers or Tesla ( Tesla is the SI unit)

    The current will be I = V/R. OR:

    A complete discussion on the topic of windings, power output
    and an example of an actual motor is on my website:

    http://www.watchman2012.com/articles/spout24.shtml [Broken]

    The page is quite popular among those building wind turbines to calculate the output of
    ANY given motor they build, to see if what they are building is adequate.

    I worked out the maths with a real physicist over a two month collaboration period
    and quite pleased at the resulting paper. (the vector calculus was a bear !!)
    the first of it's kind information on the web.
    and it is all boiled down to one simple plug-in formula !

    I started from the beginning with particle physics thru faraday etc
    to have a complete understanding, it was FUN, then again if I was a spice girl i'd be geeky-spice ;)
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